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Discover your pain management solution at Hastings Family Chiropractic, P.C. We’ve provided professional chiropractic care and massage therapy in Hastings, NE, since 1998. When you’re under the care of our certified family chiropractor, you’ll always find a holistic treatment. By focusing on integrative methods, we treat not only your body but your mind, too.

No More Pain

Many Americans have to sit for eight to 10 hours a day at work. If you’re not moving around or have poor posture, you’ll experience back pain. Spinal misalignments can also cause more issues than just back pain. Because your spine is connected to your central nervous system, even a slight misalignment can cause a wide variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, and headaches. If you’ve seen a change in your quality of life, reach out to our chiropractic clinic today.

Our Approach

Hastings Family Chiropractic takes an integrative approach to our treatments. Our family chiropractor, Dr. Troy Wilson and Dr. Hannah Doyle, are committed to helping patients, regardless of age, reach optimal health and experience the best quality of life possible. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Doyle believes that optimal health is attainable when you use chiropractic care along with other medical care. 

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Chiropractic Care—Your First Choice

When you’re experiencing neck or back pain, making chiropractic care your first choice is essential. Because it’s natural, you’ll avoid potentially harmful side effects from prescription medication or surgery. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Doyle believes that natural solutions should be your first choice, with surgery always being the last resort. 


At our chiropractic clinic, we always strive to answer your questions about chiropractic care and our different treatment options. See below for answers to our frequently asked questions. If you have more questions, call our office today and we’ll be happy to help you.

Q: What does electric stimulation do?

A: This therapy relaxes the muscle, calms the nerves, and allows for an easier adjustment.

Q: What does intersegmental traction (roller beds) do?

A: This technique improves spinal biometrics, increases spinal mobility, and helps pull nutrients into the joint and disc space.

Q: Will I experience pain during my spinal adjustment?

A: Our family chiropractor uses several techniques, some of which are gentle and low force. Most patients feel calm and relaxed after the adjustment, but occasionally some may feel tenderness, as if they have just exercised. This tenderness is usually due to restoring normal joint mobility that the body has not been used to, due to chronic joint restrictions and/or fixations. 

Q: Do adjustments help with anything other than back pain?

A: An adjustment will also increase blood flow, improve nerve conduction, and improve autonomic function. 

Q: Can children get adjustments?

A: Yes. As a family chiropractic clinic, we treat individuals of all ages. 

Q: Can you get adjusted if you are pregnant?

A: Yes. We have adjustment techniques, as well as an adjusting table, specifically for pregnant mothers. By keeping the spine aligned during pregnancy, it will not only keep you comfortable during your pregnancy, but it will also keep the pelvis aligned for easier child delivery. 

Q: Do you need to have x-rays?

A: During the initial visit, a complete physical, neurological, orthopedic, and spinal examination will be performed. During the examination, there may be some findings that indicate x-rays are necessary.  We use a state of the art digital x-ray, for accurate results.

Q: Can you be adjusted if you have had neck or back surgery?

A: After assessing what type of surgery has been performed, we can work on the area, or sometimes, just around the area, with some gentle and non-forceful techniques.

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If your acute or chronic pain is affecting your quality of life, it’s time to seek chiropractic care from Hastings Family Chiropractic. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Doyle.

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